Inspired by the poem; What Happened to the Revolution. Back in the Day is a one act play that offers comedy, poetic expressions, dance, audience participation and fitting musical arrangements that blend traditional and not so traditional theater concepts together. As seen through the eyes of an African American family the play brings attention to the people and events that shaped turbulent times of the sixties and early seventies. The parents, Frank & Grace Hopkins, seek to teach their teenage children, Colleen & Jaden, a civics and history lesson through a variety of stories that are reenacted, (with a diverse cast) throughout the play. Some of the stories include Ali addressing the media, Nixon trying to tap dance around the Watergate scandal and the Patti Hearst drama.

The Hopkins are the typical American family, hard working parents with bickering teenagers. Their interactions are humorous as they deal with common everyday issues. The civil rights and the anti Vietnam War movement are the main topics of the play. Through inspiring music, powerful poetic expressions and rhythmic dancing, the play captures the imagination and brings the audience back in time.

Back in the Day pushes boundaries, has a strong vision, voice and perspective with a compelling uniqueness. The play is sure to educate as will as entertain. 

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