Hey Indie authors and artist, spring is here and that means getting out and promoting yourself, books & art work. MQW suggest that you explore your local community for flea markets and arts & craft shows that are nominal. Don't be fooled by prestigious street festivals that charge outrageous fees that benefit the sponsor, but leave you far short of making a profit. When selecting a venue it's important that you're realistic about the expense and profit margin. For example; a book fair charges $300 for you to setup your display. Based on the cost of your books, how many would you need to sell in order to make a profit?  This should be the first question asked and answered.

   A good option might be to coordinate with an independent book or art store to setup a venue which would promote local artist and authors. This should be a win, win for all. The promoting of literacy and the arts within your community is always a positive step for everyone. So get out there and make it happen!    

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